Portrait photography

In this time of social media, having up-to-date (profile) pictures of ourselves has become more important than ever. And don’t we all have family and friends who’d love to be able to hang a picture of us on their wall? Of course you want to look your best, first impressions are lasting impressions after all. I think you look at your best when you look most authentic. And being authentic means being vulnerable and open: being yourself… and that can be scary sometimes. Therefore, my main focus is on making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Not only will I distract you with amazing scenery, I will also make you feel comfortable enough to just be yourself.

I grew up thinking I had enormous teeth, after a girl in my class had told me so. No way I would smile around cameras after that. And I didn’t, for years. But now I know it’s not my teeth people pay attention to when looking at a picture of me. It’s the sparkle in my eyes, the wrinkles caused by my broad smile. Those teeth? They are just a little part of me, a detail. What a pity it would be to hide my broad smile, sparkling eyes and messy hair just because a nine-year-old girl once told me I had big teeth… I know what it is like to feel insecure about your body. I know how big of a fight it can be to get rid of those horrible thoughts about yourself. I know how scary it can be to be vulnerable when a camera is pointed at your face. I know. And I will help you. I will help you relax, enjoy and accept. We can do this, trust me!


Some of my favourites...



The price for a photo session is 250 euros* and includes 1-1.5 hours of photography, 20 digital files at high resolution (you can order extra pictures) and my traveling costs*.
If you’d like to book me for a longer session, so we can explore a larger area or just spend more time together, send me a message. We can discuss the details in a (Skype) call.

* This is an introductory price. Prices will be increased per 1. November 2020.
** Check my travel schedule below to see when I am where. I will not charge you for my travelling costs if we meet at a location that’s already in my schedule for the date in which you’d like to book your photo session. If you decide to have your photo session elsewhere or at another time, additional costs may be involved. 



For outdoorsy entrepreneurs

I love working together with other entrepreneurs that share my love for the outdoors. Whether you’re teaching outdoor yoga, organizing hikes or selling outdoor equipment, I am sure I can equip you with the perfect pictures for your branding. I enjoy hearing all about your business and brainstorming with you about what kind of pictures you need to give your client the most authentic image of your brand. As with all my portrait sessions, I will make sure to make you feel comfortable and confident. No awkwardness, just enjoying the outdoors while telling the story behind your brand.

Would you like to work with me? Send me a message and we can Skype (call) about the details. I will send you a customized price depending on your wishes.


"We went on an adventure last Friday. Paulien knows where to find the nice spots and she knew how to relax me. I felt very free and you can see that in the resulting pictures. I highly recommend her."


"Paulien has so many fun ideas. She's nice company. If a photographer sits on her elbows and knees in the water to take that perfect picture, you know she has a real passion for her work."

Mariëlle and Matthijs

"I highly recommend Paulien. She is very nice, spontaneous and you easily feel okay around her. She's also very creative and takes pure, natural pictures. We spent a nice afternoon with her."


"Paulien is such a nice person. Therefore, the photo session is very relaxed and you can just be yourself. She sees and captures what I see in my animals. And she captures that in a way I really like. I am very happy with the pictures."


"Paulien is the best photographer you can find in this field of photography. She knows how to relax people and capture you the way you really are."