Europe Elopement Photographer Paulien van der Werf

Hi, I am Paulien

I love hiking in the wilderness, photography and meeting likeminded people. It’s the combination of these things that made me decide to quit my job and leave my house in the summer of 2019. Ever since, I have enjoyed my freedom to live and work where and when I want. Although it’s not quite van life, but for now Twingo life is close enough.

I love exploring new, wild places. Alone or with fellow outdoor lovers. I enjoy snowy mountain peaks, rough coast lines and quiet pine forests. I love the sound of the wind in the tree tops, the far away sound of the waves hitting shore and the croaking sounds of ravens in ruins. I feel absolutely free when wild camping in the Scottish Highlands and cooking my one-pot-meal on my little burner after a long day hiking.

In my work I capture real emotions and personality. I want to tell your story in the most truthful way. I want to capture you in the way that your loved ones see you. I like to think of my photo session as an adventure with friends. Let’s go have fun in the outdoors together, and have awesome pictures as a reminder of our unforgettable adventure!


“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling”



"Paulien has so many fun ideas. She's nice company. If a photographer sits on her elbows and knees in the water to take that perfect picture, you know she has a real passion for her work."

Mariëlle and Matthijs

"I highly recommend Paulien. She is very nice, spontaneous and you easily feel okay around her. She's also very creative and takes pure, natural pictures. We spent a nice afternoon with her."


"Paulien is the best photographer you can find in this field of photography. She knows how to relax people and capture you the way you really are."


"We went on an adventure last Friday. Paulien knows where to find the nice spots and she knew how to relax me. I felt very free and you can see that in the resulting pictures. I highly recommend her."


"Paulien is such a nice person. Therefore, the photo session is very relaxed and you can just be yourself. She sees and captures what I see in my animals. And she captures that in a way I really like. I am very happy with the pictures."

Pictures of me with thanks to Marleen Annema, Luis Boullosa and Yoshi Feijnenbuik