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Destination photo sessions for adventurous people that love the outdoors.
Intimate couple pictures, adventurous elopements and spontaneous portraits.
Available all over Europe.
Let me take you on an adventure!


I am Paulien, a storytelling photographer for people that love being outdoors. Nothing inspires me more than personal (love) stories and being in nature. I am living my dream, travelling all over Europe meeting wonderful people at the most beautiful places on earth.

It’s the little details of ordinary moments. I swear it.



As a highly sensitive person, I pay special attention to the small details. The way you push your hair behind your ear, the way your eyes sparkle when you’re talking about your passions. The way you look at each other, smile and touch one another. Even though we are witnessing a mind-blowing scenery, it’s those things that make you you that really matter in the pictures. I will make sure to capture those special moments against our beautiful natural background. No need for awkward posing or insecurity, I will encourage you to just be yourself and enjoy our outdoor adventure. This way I capture candid and spontaneous pictures of you and your loved one(s).


Recent elopements, couple's pictures and portrait sessions